I had the opportunity to present a paper I worked on alongside a few of my colleagues at the 13th international conference on Integrated Formal Methods (iFM 2017). Turin is enchanting, particularly architecture-wise. Driving to the hotel from the airport, I found myself in the middle of a city that blends modern charm with beauty from centuries ago. And the food. Blew. My. Mind.

Yes, even the conference buffet.

In my typical style, however, I neglected to take any photographs whatsoever to share. Once again, I really really wish I had. Perhaps if I invest in a decent camera I will finally remember to use it.


The paper, Certified Password Quality, focuses in on what seems like a somewhat overlooked area in software verification - password quality policies and their enforcement. Our efforts felt justified when we discovered this issue in the Linux-PAM codebase, due to which a system administrator configuring the maxclassrepeat option correctly according to the documentation can inadvertently end up disabling the check entirely (see PR/the paper for more).